The San Ramon Arts Foundation is a Non Profit Organization, 501(C)3 # 94-2813774

San Ramon Arts Foundation

Promoting the Arts in the San Ramon Valley


Have you ever wondered how a sculptor creates a piece of art?

It all starts with an idea and a sketch, then a Maquette, a small scale model, is used to help visualize a larger sculpture. Clay is sculpted on top of a welded metal armature, designed by Brian Keith to portray a beautiful and anatomically accurate pose of a Golden Eagle.

Once completed, the San Ramon Eagle will be the largest bronze eagle in the State of California, a unifying figure and centerpiece for public events, patriotic remembrances and community gatherings

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote the arts in the San Ramon Valley through the encouragement, support, and development of art programs and events.

Foundation History

San Ramon Arts Foundation established in 2000 to Encourage, Support, and Promote the Arts in San Ramon and the San Ramon Valley.

Who we serve

The San Ramon Arts Foundation has, over the years, given back to the community, and art education in the schools tens of thousands of dollars in support of the visual, performing, and literary arts.

San Ramon, California

Video credits : DVHS Wildcats, Published on Mar 22, 2019. Filmed and Edited by: Breezy Bochenek, Jesse Barron, Lina Jeong,Rabail Abbas, Tejas Bhartiya

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"I love attending these events, adds so much to our community and I would like to help where possible. I donated a lot of money and TIME"
Alene Elvine
San Ramon Resident
“The San Ramon Arts Foundation help our organization here and here, and without their kind help, it was impossible "
Jonas Gerber
San Ramon Artist