The San Ramon Arts Foundation is a Non Profit Organization, 501(C)3 # 94-2813774

About Us

The San Ramon Arts Foundation was established in 2000 to encourage, support, and promote the Arts in San Ramon and the San Ramon Valley. The Foundation grants financial assistance to cultural arts, organizes special fund-raising events, and supports local artists. We are proud to lead the expansion of cultural arts in the San Ramon Valley, and support the development of new cultural arts programs. We acquire funding through grants, individuals, and business sponsors, and are honored to work closely with the City of San Ramon.

The importance of the Arts in our society is undeniable. The Arts communicate across all cultural boundaries, tell stories of the past and present, inspire the minds of young and old alike, and center our lives and gives assurances as to who we are.

Our Mission is to promote the arts in the San Ramon Valley through the encouragement, support, and development of art programs and events.

Image credit – Jumpin’ at the Sun (JATS)