The San Ramon Arts Foundation is a Non Profit Organization, 501(C)3 # 94-2813774

Partnering with the National Charity League

Promoting the Arts Together

The San Ramon Arts Foundation is honored to be supported by two of the local NCL chapters: San Ramon Chapter and the Rolling Hills Chapter of Danville. These two fantastic NCL chapters have been providing mother-daughter volunteer teams for several of our foundation-sponsored events. With their support, we are able to cover a greater number of events, which enables us to expand our presence and ultimately help us achieve our goal of sharing and engaging the community around arts and culture.

We are proud to partner with such a prestigious and professional organization and we thoroughly enjoy meeting the incredibly gracious mother/daughter volunteers at the many events we sponsor. This past summer NCL brought us volunteers for the Art & Wind Festival where they helped with our Street Taco booth serving over 500 tacos in a 48 hour period. This was a very successful event for the Arts Foundation and we could not have done it without NCL.

Another program we were delighted to have NCL volunteers for was the Summer Concert Series. This program involved multiple musical performances on Sunday afternoons in the summer months. The tremendous support by NCL was incredibly appreciated by the foundation board members. There were some very warm days and several hours of sitting or standing in the sun serving beverages was a big commitment and was most appreciated!

“The SRAF is a great addition to our NCL chapter! We really wanted to include a philanthropic organization that supports the Arts in our community. The SRAF has benefitted from the help of many mother-daughter teams,” said Madeleine Gross, NCL Philanthropy Liaison for the San Ramon Arts Foundation. “One of our members recently shared that their experience working with SRAF enables them to interact with our community, which is enjoyable and rewarding. They enjoy the volunteer opportunities because they get to work outdoors and promote the Arts with music, dance, culture, and food which makes it a fun event and gratifying event.”

With the funds collected at these events, the San Ramon Arts Foundation is able to support local artists and help to promote their work in our local community. As an example, we have helped fund the Utility Box Project which showcases the various works of art around the Crow Cayon area. Be sure to notice the creative designs on the utility boxes as you drive around town.

We are proud to lead the expansion of cultural arts in the San Ramon Valley and support the development of new cultural and arts programs. We believe that arts and culture are a fundamental part of our community’s infrastructure and through partnerships, like NCL we are able to deliver a broad range of local creative and cultural activities to provide more profound benefits to all of our local communities. 

The San Ramon Arts Foundation feels fortunate to have the NCL partnership to help drive awareness, engagement to the San Ramon Valley community.

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